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PBB's Princess Manzon says she and Tom Rodriguez are hesitant about commitment

Ex-PBB housemate Princess Manzon's major concern for now is to secure a good future for herself.



12/20/2009 2:43 AM
PBB's Princess Manzon says she and Tom Rodriguez are hesitant about commitment

Things have been different for ex-Pinoy Big Brother Double Up housemates Princess Manzon and Tom Rodriguez (formerly Mott) in the outside world. The two first caught the public’s attention with their brewing romance inside the house. “Mahirap kasi I’m not sure how long I’ll stay here,” Princess admitted since she is considering a career abroad. “Same with him (Tom) meron na siyang offers. He’s going to stay here and be busy and he’s going to be paired with other actresses kasi hindi naman kami lumabas na love team talaga. We’re a love team inside the house but when he got out [it’s different] ‘di ba?” The Cebuana beauty also revealed that it looks like she and Tom will be built up separately in their showbiz careers, which could post a challenge if they pursue a relationship. “I don’t think I can handle that kind of relationship kasi parang I just want a simple relationship,” Princess admitted.

Nung nag-usap kami minsan, we talked about how we are going to do this kasi he’s going to be busy. He’s going to be paired with other actresses and for me, I’m going to be watching that on TV. And there will be a time when I’m going to demand time or attention from him na hindi niya mabibigay, you know what I mean. Most of my friends na nandito sa Pilipinas… They are always telling me that’s how it’s going to be ‘pag magdi-date ka ng someone from show business. So you have to be aware.”

Princess said that she and Tom contemplated if they will be able to sustain a romantic relationship if they become busy with their careers. “We’re just having fun and it feels good, but we cannot commit to something na probably we’ll regret in the end,” she explained.

She said that she is happy that Tom is getting opportunities in showbiz since he was forced-evicted from the PBB house. “I want the best for him pero for me kasi minsan, ‘pag nag-uusap kami siya din parang hindi niya alam kung if he really wants this or kung kaya ba niya.” She clarified though that she does not feel bad that Tom has more projects than she does. In fact, it helped her reflect on what she wants for herself. “Kung iisipin ko talaga, we’re still both housemates na pumasok sa bahay having these dreams of ours. Tapos siya ‘yung maraming gigs at maraming offers, so minsan ano ba ‘yung gagawin ko ‘di ba? Do I really want this? Kasi if it’s going to happen for me, nagsisimula na siya… I don’t feel bad. I just have questions for myself din.”

The ex-housemate said that she is having fun doing TV and guest appearances and other shows, but she still consistently asks herself if this is really what she wants. “I’m a free-spirited person, so freedom mo nawawala. Tapos you cannot do this or do that you have to be cautiously aware of what you are doing. ‘Yun siyempre pinag-iisipan ko pa rin ‘yon.”

And although she is open to a showbiz career, Princess said that she is more concerned about securing a good future for herself at this point in time.  “I’m flattered and it feels good (with what’s happening right now) pero mas gusto ko ‘yung may concrete plans. Right now wala pa. I think I have to start planning things for my own hindi lang maghihintay.