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Kris Aquino talks about celebrating Christmas without her mom Cory Aquino for the first time

Kris Aquino reveals that it's hard not to be emotional knowing that her mom Cory Aquino won't be helping bring on the holiday cheer.



12/17/2009 9:12 AM
Kris Aquino talks about celebrating Christmas without her mom Cory Aquino for the first time

In ABS-CBN.com’s recent interview with Kris Aquino, she confessed that she’s not really looking forward to the holiday season since this is her family's first Christmas without mom Cory Aquino. As a matter of fact, thinking about it has made her more emotional these past few days. “James (Yap) has a game [on] December 25 and 26 tapos alis kami with the kids [for a trip abroad and then] balik in time for SNN on the 31st. But actually if I’ll be very honest, yung Christmas Eve hindi talaga kami excited about it kasi nga wala ang mom. Kapag pasko ang mom lahat ang naghahanda lahat ng food, siya ang abala. So lahat kami we were talking about it. We’ll just go to mass together. Then after that sister kong isa ang maghahanda tapos parang wala na. Alam mo yun parang ina-avoid namin kasi nasa-sad lang kami,” she began.

But as much as she misses her mom this time of the year, Kris realized that Cory wouldn’t want her to feel so miserable when she encountered a weird incident involving her mom’s passing away last weekend. “I was crying to my ate that time and she just texted me, ‘Okay see you later.’ Ang Blackberry kasi nandun yung text na pinanggalingan nung ni-reply. But ang weird kasi yung text na pinanggalingan, when you scroll down, was a July 21 text that I texted my ate about my last long conversation with mom. Nakalagay dun in all caps yung sinabi sa akin ng mom na, ‘Kris, don’t worry you’re all going to be okay.’ Feeling ko nagmulto or nagparamdam ang mom kasi alam niyang sad na sad talaga kami and we didn’t feel like celebrating Christmas. Feeling ko this is her way of telling us na, ‘I’m still here you know. I’m looking out for all of you so ‘wag na kayong mag-worry.’ But you can’t help but feel the loss lalo na kapag ganitong happy occasion,” she reiterated.

Kris had her husband James Yap worried as well since she bursts out in tears in the most unlikely places. “Ang weird kasi I was watching Jed Madela's show and he was singing ‘To Where You Are’ ni Josh Groban. Humahagulgol ako in the middle of Mandarin Hotel and James was saying, ‘Iyak ka ng iyak na naman.’ Sabi ko, ‘E kasi sana mom can see me. I wish I have more time lang with her.’ Even Baby James feels the same way. He was watching Michael Jackson tapos sinabi niya out of the blue, ‘Michael is a mumu, nasa heaven kasama ni lola.’”

But no matter how painful it is for her, she decided to continue her mom’s tradition to throw a huge party for the whole staff of their family right after the press launch of K Everyday: The Kris Aquino Home Collection last Sunday, December 13. “Yearly kasi ino-organize yung bonggang pa-raffle and envelopes para sa staff namin. Christmas is so important to me kasi she (mom Cory) wanted it to be a chance na mag-thank you and mag-personalize ng everything. Lahat ng staff ko alam yun kaya lahat ng cards ko kina-career ko sila because yun ang sabi ni mom,” she stated.