Piolo Pascual says he is not copying Richard Poon's music

Piolo Pascual says his latest album Decades doesn't intend to compete with Richard Poon's genre of standard songs.



12/15/2009 10:01 AM
Piolo Pascual says he is not copying Richard Poon's music

After two years, Piolo Pascual has returned to the music scene with his newest album Decades: Songs from the 50's, 60's, and the 70's under Star Records. At the press launch of his CD, Piolo sang a few of his versions of some timeless songs. Also as the producer of the album, Piolo explained why it took him two years to release a new album. "As a recording artist hindi pwedeng labas ka lang nang labas ng album. You have to constantly reinvent yourself. You need to create a new sound and umayun sa gusto ng market. We took time to come up with a really good concept for an album, a special one talaga."

Piolo expressed how happy he is to have made the Decades album because he himself is a big fan of classic songs. "I'm happy na nakakanta ako ng mga standards at 'yung mga songs na kinakanta sa akin ng tatay ko nung bata pa ako. Ngayong wala na ang dad ko, dream ng mom ko na magkaroon sa mga anak niya na kumakanta so I dedicate this album sa mom ko."

The album contains Piolo's cover of old favorites 'Strangers in the Night', 'I'll Be Seeing You', 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You', and others. But since most of the cuts are standard songs, it can't be helped that Piolo's latest music venture will be compared to Richard Poon, who is a more familiar singer of standards. The singer-actor clarified that he did not intend to imitate Richard's music or even compete with the 'Big Band Crooner.' "Richard is a good friend of mine. We go to the same church and we belong to the same Christian group. He's my kuya in the sense na mas may alam siya sa akin when it comes to music. I asked him for advice kung paano ko pa mapapaganda 'yung kanta ko. I don't see the point of competing with him kasi siya pa 'yung nakakatulong sa akin. Si Richard can do a one man musical show kaya henyo ang turing ko diyan. Siya naman talaga 'yung nagpauso uli ng standards."

The hottest question during the album press launch was which song in Piolo's CD is he dedicating to rumored sweetheart KC Concepcion. "'Yung 'Can't Take My Eyes Off You' siyempre dahil sa napaka-mesmerizing niyang ganda. She grew up in our eyes kasi, noon pa lang alam na natin ang kagandahan niya nung bata pa siya. I was honored na nakilala ko siya nung 18th birthday niya, kumanta ako sa party niya. Hanggang ngayon na nakakasama ko na siya sa trabaho madalas napapatingin pa rin ako sa ganda niya."

Piolo is still mum though on the status of his relationship with the daughter of Sharon Cuneta. The actor insisted that he and KC are great friends, but preferred to keep a secret if he has plans or is currently courting KC. Piolo reasoned that whatever good thing he is having with KC, he wants to protect it from negative criticisms.