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Jericho Rosales on his critics: 'Inspirasyon ko sila to be better at my craft'

Jericho Rosales admits that he gets nervous whenever he promotes a new album.



12/13/2009 3:50 AM
Jericho Rosales on his critics: 'Inspirasyon ko sila to be better at my craft'

When Jericho Rosales performed at the Kapamilya Chatroom for MYX Setlist last December 11, it was obvious that he really enjoyed singing as much as he did acting. One thing he’s very grateful for is that people in show business have become more supportive of his decision to be a singer/actor this time around. “When I first formed my band Jeans, I was at the point that I was just so tired and I wanted to do music since it’s my first love. Mr. Pogi pa lang ako I said I wanted to sing but they made me dance. Kaya lang hindi ko masyadong mapagtuunan ng pansin yung music that time so I [decided to take a break] from acting. I got busy with gigs sa bars, rehearsals, and I kept writing songs lang. I stepped away from my showbiz life. It was a risk talaga,” he reminisced.

Jericho was at the peak of his career when he took a hiatus from acting to concentrate on making a name for himself as a singer. But he soon realized that being a sought-after leading man is a privilege that can be easily given to other rising actors and shouldn’t be taken for granted. “I have songs that I wanted to share with other people. Pero hindi ko pala pwedeng alisin yung pag-aartista. It was the biggest mistake I ever did. I learned not to limit myself to either music or acting. The way I deliver my lines on my shows and movies are coming from my heart and so are the lyrics of my music. For example, I got invited here sa MYX Setlist to sing a few songs from my latest album but it doesn’t mean you can’t ask me about Dahil May Isang Ikaw,” he explained.

As for those who still believe that he’s better off as an actor than a singer, Jericho revealed that he’s aware of such criticisms but he prefers to take them on a more positive note. “I get nervous every time may album launch or promo ako lalo na ‘pag may kaharap na press. I try to be strong and confident kasi siyempre it's my product. I have to promote it. Pero hindi ko naman sila binobola e. What you see is what you get when it comes to my music. But I respect the press for being like that. They're honest, they want the truth, and they want to listen to good stuff. So inspirasyon ko sila to be better at my craft. Fortunately, successful naman ang album launch ng Changes. Maraming naka-relate dahil sa revivals and they love the arrangements kasi nagkaroon ng fresh vibe,” he proudly stated.

At the end of the MYX live chat, Jericho took the chance to own up to his weaknesses and even promised his fans that he would never let them down ever again.  “I must admit that there was a time when I became too rebellious and a little arrogant. I was going against the flow. But it’s very hard in our industry not just make a name but to create something original. Sometimes I feel I am misunderstood and that I’m at the wrong place because iba rin yung mga trip ko. So I try my best to give what people want. But this question (if it’s true that he has a bloated ego) is very humbling kasi I have to be aware na minsan sumosobra din yung kulit ko. But rest assured that I am taking my music seriously. And siguro I’ll try to be more humble about it next time.”

Grab a copy of Jericho Rosales’s new album Changes under Star Records and listen to his original compositions such as “Pusong Ligaw,” “Hanggang Ngayon,” and “I Love Your Ways” together with great revivals such as “Beautiful In My Eyes,” “Change The World,” and “Naalala Ka.”