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Derek Ramsay is flattered that Jinkee Pacquiao has a crush on him

Derek Ramsay is flattered upon hearing that the wife of Manny Pacquiao finds him sexy.



12/13/2009 3:35 AM
Derek Ramsay is flattered that Jinkee Pacquiao has a crush on him

Jinkee Pacquiao, wife of world-renowned boxing champion Manny Pacquiao, said in an interview that she finds Derek Ramsay very sexy. At his solo press conference for the movie I Love You, Goodbye, Derek blushed upon learning who his latest admirer was. “Jinkee is a really nice and down to earth person. One time I went to GenSan for a mall show. We met and she toured us around the city, dun sa mansion nila. Napakabait niya. You can’t deny that Jinkee Pacquiao is known all around the Philippines and for her to be a fan makes me feel nice. I would consider her a friend too.”

Derek was further flattered when told that if Jinkee were to give acting a try, she wants him to be her leading man. “Wow! Nagpapatawa naman kayo! Baka mabugbog ako ni Manny? Hahaha! I don’t know what to say. Every time women like her would express that they want me to be their leading man I feel flattered.”

Meanwhile, the actor-model is very much happy with his three-year relationship with actress Angelica Panganiban. He shared how fidelity can be a challenge for anyone in a relationship. “It’s hard because there are lots of temptations out there. You can say that you’re very in love with this person but still there are others out there who will try to break you. You just have to keep working on staying faithful.”

It’s not even surprising to learn that this “modern day Adonis” has had experiences with indecent proposals. “There have been offers, but I just smiled and walked away. You can’t get mad. I just take it as a compliment. I’m proud to say that I worked hard to get to where I am now and I didn’t take the ‘easy route.’ Stuff like those are better off forgotten. With the way I was brought up, having a good family background, hindi ako pumapatol sa mga ganun.”

Gretchen Barretto has also been vocal about her admiration of Derek and she even chose the actor to be her leading man in her planned teleserye with ABS-CBN. Derek said he is excited to be working with Gretchen but insisted that the relationship will remain on a professional level. “Gretchen is very much in love with her man the same way I am in love with Angelica. I’m flattered that she requested me to be her leading man in her first teleserye. She’s a very attractive woman. I’m sure a lot of men find her attractive. It’s not a sin or a crime to find a woman attractive. Angelica has no issue whenever I say that. It’s just going to be work.”

Derek revealed that he has been briefed about his character and the storyline of the teleserye. The project was also supposed to also be top-billed by Gretchen’s younger sister Claudine Barretto before her network switch, so Derek was asked on who he thinks can be the best replacement. “Personally I think Bea (Alonzo) would be a good choice. She’s a very good actress and I’m very comfortable working with her. I also admire Angel Locsin as an actress and I love to work with her.”

But before production begins for that teleserye, Derek will mark his return on TV next year with Habang May Buhay where he plays the leading man of the Queen of Soap Operas Judy Ann Santos. “Sobrang swerte ko kasi I’m ending this year with I Love You, Goodbye and I’m starting 2010 with Habang May Buhay. I’m really happy that the teleserye is finally airing. We’re finishing it up na, a few remaining taping days na lang. I’m excited.”