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Jericho Rosales on Kristine Hermosa: 'Mabuting-mabuti naman kami'

Jericho Rosales shares that he understands why people still want him to end up with Kristine Hermosa.



12/10/2009 8:46 AM
Jericho Rosales on Kristine Hermosa: 'Mabuting-mabuti naman kami'

When Jericho Rosales was invited to ABS-CBN Interactive’s MYX Setlist last December 9, not only did he perform songs from his album Changes, but he also gamely answered questions from his online fans. As expected, most of them wanted to know the real score between him and his ex-girlfriend Kristine Hermosa, especially with the media reports that they are closer than ever on the set of Dahil May Isang Ikaw. “Mabuting-mabuti naman kami. Nagkakamabutihan naman talaga kami sa set. Pero yun pa lang yun,” he began. When prodded if he’s still in love with her, Jericho joked, “Huwag! Magagalit si Tito, Vic and Joey,” in reference to Oyo Sotto who has been Kristine’s constant companion.

But Jericho was quick to say that he doesn’t mind being asked about his relationship with Kristine since they have been a love team for such a long time. To prove his point, he related his recent experience with an avid fan. “May one funny story ako. Can I share lang? One time nagse-surf ako tapos nalunod ako. As in literal na halos mamatay na ako pero nasave naman nila ako. Nung dinala nila ako sa seashore, tumitirik-tirik yung mata, biglang may lumapit sa akin na bata. Sabi sa akin, ‘Hi Jericho! Nasaan si Kristine?’ Mamatay na lang ako si Kristine pa talaga yung hinahanap sa akin,” he narrated, laughing. ”So I guess maraming salamat talaga sa support nila. You guys really love us.” Though he couldn’t assure the people that there’s a chance for him and Kristine to be together again in real life, Jericho hoped that they will still continue to support his soap with Kristine and their upcoming projects as well. “Don’t worry meron kaming naka-line up na movie. Bombahin ni’yo lang ng bombahin ang Star Cinema ng requests, I am sure matutuloy ‘yan,” he beamed.

For more exciting details about his love life and showbiz career, check out the complete video of Jericho Rosales’s gig and live chat at MYX.ph.com.