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Ano ang masasabi mo sa napapabalitang hiwalayan muli nina Luis Manzano at Angel Locsin?
A. Sayang naman. Sana maayos pa nila ang relasyon nila.
3836 vote/s out of 4960
77% Vote

B. Ganun talaga. Kung di talaga meant to be, mahirap ipilit.
439 vote/s out of 4960
9% Vote

C. Paandar lang yan.
288 vote/s out of 4960
6% Vote

D. Dedma!
397 vote/s out of 4960
8% Vote

Total Votes: 4960
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Sam Concepcion talks about his first screen kiss with Tippy Dos Santos in 'I Do Bi Doo Bi Doo'

4/07/2012 2:39 PM

by: Rachelle Siazon

Push This

040812-sam_main.jpgSam Concepcion happily shared that Chris Martinez’s I Doo Bi Doo Bi Doo is the biggest film he has ever done to date. He plays the son of Ogie Alcasid and Eugene Domingo, who’ll get his girlfriend pregnant at the age of 21.  A musical comedy that will feature the greatest hits of the Apo Hiking Society, the teen heartthrob added that the powerhouse cast made the project all the more interesting.

“I come from a middle-class family. My dad’s a musician and one hit wonder lang. His girlfriend Tippy (Dos Santos) is very rich, and the daughter of Gary Valenciano and Zsa Zsa Padilla.  It’s [about the struggles] between two families to get along and these two 21-year-olds to get married. It’s really funny. The songs there are all Apo. It’s something everyone would enjoy,” said Sam during his contract signing as ABE Business College’s newest celebrity endorser.

Sam revealed that it’s his first time to do a kissing scene in this movie; and he didn’t expect that being good friends with Tippy would help them deliver the scene without much fuss. “I’ve known Tippy since I was little. We worked with each other for a while and then we have to do this kissing scene. Actually, it's kind of weird because we had to deliver scenes wherein the people would see us together and we have to act really in love. But after the first day, I realized that it's not so bad. Because we did it in different angles over and over, I thought it’s going to be really awkward.”

To lighten things up, Sam further shared that he asked Tippy what flavor of lip balm would she like him to use right before the first take. “First thing I told her, ‘I have cherry, strawberry or apple ChapStick, what flavor do you like?’ I was laughing afterwards. That’s how I dealt with it. I thought it would break the ice. Thinking about it, [it was my] first on screen kiss, first kiss with this person, ‘di ba, with Tippy, my friend forever… But yeah, I think it did help naman na she's my friend. I thought it’s going to be, but it wasn’t such a big deal.”

Asked if he considered dating Tippy in real life, Sam insisted that they’re just close friends and have worked together since the early years of his singing career. “We never dated. But we had so many shows together. We did theater for a year. We’ve known each other since I was 13. She's actually very outgoing. I guess we’re really that close.”

adrianne fernando
8/23/2012 2:28 PM
i love you kuya sam..:)

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